A Home Energy Guide to Live Green and Save

Given the state of the economy we are all looking for ways to save money.  We’re looking for things that are long term and secure.   We’re all in the same situation and looking for ways to save on those monthly bills and if we can help the environment while saving… bonus! 

No doubt that there are probably several ways to cut down on those monthly bills but a serious consideration should be on our use of energy.  We should focus on how to cut back on how much energy we use and even consider going to an environmentally friendly renewable source. 

Simply consider approaching this with a “can do” attitude and take small well thought out steps.  Be more conscious of how you and your family use energy on a daily basis and the savings will mount up over time. 

In this home energy guide, let’s consider the options available.

Energy Conservation

To be able to save, you will have to be mindful of the energy that you and your family use.  

Being more mindful of our energy use will be eye opening.  The amount of wasted energy comes to light as soon as we decide to be more serious about saving energy.  Small changes will quickly turn into savings. 

Start by turning off computers or appliances when they are not in use.  Use more natural energy sources for lighting.  Do you really need all those lights on during the day???  Put a sweater on during the winter months and turn down the thermostat. 

Energy Efficient Appliances

Evaluate some of your larger older appliances.  If they are 10 or more years old they very likely are huge energy users.  Could it be time for a new energy saving refrigerator?  The new refrigerator will require a purchase but the long term saving in energy use will prove to be a real plus.   You’ll also find that your new appliance probably does a better job than your old one. 

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems should also be a consideration if you really want to realize some significant savings.  In some areas you may even be able to say goodbye to your monthly electricity bill forever.  Now there’s an idea!

With these systems and a few conscious changes to your energy use you may be able to gather enough energy to power your home and perhaps even sell back to your local utility company.  Definitely worth looking into!  

Solar systems may be a costly up front investment but it is one of the very few things that over time will pay for itself.  Saving money while helping the environment?  What a great move! 

You and your family will have such a great time researching this home project and you’ll all be coming up with new ideas on how to cut back on your energy use.  It’s a great family project that’s good for you and the environment.

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