Applications Of Energy Conservation Exist In India

Global Climate Change (Global Warming) is finally becoming a part of our daily vocabulary, and even oil companies stopped denying the phenomenal. However, it seems that many of those in developed countries blame developing countries for this though developed countries clearly caused it. It also seems that many of those in developed countries prematurely assume that developing countries like India will not address the problem of CO2 emission and accelerate Global Climate Change (Global Warming). It is true that developing countries ought to do a lot to cut CO2 emission, but they are not as wasteful as most developed countries. India is a great example, and applications of energy conservation already exist in India.

Because of lack of electricity and natural gas, a typical house or a typical flat in India has one small tank in its bathroom to heat up water. One can get hot water using the machine, but it’s not sufficient to take shower. So, he/she typically keeps hot water in a big bucket and then takes bath; obviously there is no bathtub. This is how one takes bath in India, and this alone saves a lot of electricity. No one uses hot water in the kitchen sink to clean dishes, either. Thus, India does not have to burn a lot of coals, which emit CO2.

It gets quite cold in parts of India like Delhi in winter. The temperature can go down close to 0 degree (Celsius) sometimes. However, no one uses any heater. One dresses warm to keep him/her warm, but that is about the only thing that one does to keep him/her warm in India. This also saves a lot of electricity, and this leads to lower CO2 emission.

More and more people drive automobiles in India, but most people drive scooters and motorcycles to get around. Engines are between 50cc and 125cc; they are quite small. This enables India to emit a lot less C02 than countries in which a lot of people drive SUVs and tracks like US.

India has a long way to go to shift from traditional energy sources, such as coals and oil to new energy sources such as solar and wind to emit a lot less CO2; however, it is too convenient for developed countries to blame developing countries like India for Global Climate Change (Global Warming). What they should be doing is quite the opposite; they should be learning how Indian people manage to live without using so much energy.

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