Are There Real Renewable Energy Solutions?

That may seem like a very different question. Everybody knows that we need renewable energy. The environment of this planet could be in peril. Will our oil reserves soon be as extinct as the dinosaur?, and a lot of people are fighting against nuclear because they’re concerned about the inherent dangers of nuclear power and storage of spent nuclear fuel. It’s not a pretty picture. But in case you’re not aware of all this, let me throw you some statistics.

According to some, the world may be out of oil by the year 2056. This information is readily available if you don’t believe me. Personally, most of us will be gone by then. But, we should prepare the ground for future generations. We simply cannot rely upon a soon to be extinct resource. We can develop our own.

A very long time ago David Hume said “we’ll never run out of oil and gas”. That could be true. But should we trust a man who’s been gone for over 230 years? After all, back then we didn’t have a fraction of the consumption that we have today. However, there may be something to “abiotic oil”. That is a theory that oil is produced from somewhere deep within the earths crust and continues to make oil constantly. The problem with that theory is we havn’t been able to prove it soundly. Or, measure production of abiotic oil.

But if you really need proof that the world has an energy problem, look no further than all the wars that have essentially been fought over this very resource. That was the primary reason for the Japanese expansion in WW2 and Germany as well. Make no mistake about it, tension in the Middle East is about one thing only… oil. And we know our days are numbered as far as relying on other sources for oil. As a result, we’re in a bit of uncertainty right now. But one thing is for certain, the price of fuel can go up very quickly. A very unpleasing fact.

For these reasons and many more, we need to focus on renewable sources of energy and fuels. We also need to embrace the challenge of new technology that is being put forth today. Otherwise, pressure will continue to grow as demand increases and supply dwindles.

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