Can LEGO Save the World With Their Renewable Energy Sets?

These days all you hear about on the news is how fast the environment is collapsing and how the world is doomed to destruction if we don’t start searching for a renewable source of energy to replace our love of fossil fuels. There are small signs arising that show a shift in public awareness and an increasing change in the way manufacturers and large corporations deal with waste issues. Unfortunately you and I are probably not destined to see any visible changes within our life times, but if we teach them right our children and their children’s children will develop new forms of renewable energy technologies that will blow our minds.

We can be told time and time again, but the average person over 30 finds it difficult to remember to recycle those cans or build a compost heap in their back garden. If we want to affect some real change the teaching and learning needs to be done at the lowest levels, in kindergartens and primary schools. People are beginning to take notice of environmental changes probably because it is hammered into us on a daily basis through television programs and other forms of media. If this works on us forgetful aging adults imagine the affect it would have on the young, by the time your toddlers reach 25 years old they will have the necessary knowledge and enthusiasm to save the planet.

To help things along the well known LEGO Company has come up with their own line of educational LEGO sets that demonstrate a number of renewable energy forms; these include wind power, water power and solar energy. The special green toy kits were initially designed as teaching aids for science classes, but are available to the public as an alternative to batman figures and Barbie dolls. To find out more about these great educational LEGO games you can go to their official home page.

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