Choices of DIY Solar Panels – Make the Right Choice in Green Energy!

Well it’s no secret to anyone that is not living under a rock that the world’s natural resources are depleting at a fast rate. While man’s main power source is the burning of fossil fuels this is the worst possible way to produce power its old age and ruining the environment. So we need to find a solution to alternative energy. One of the best ways to power your home on renewable energy is to build your own DIY solar panels. 

Here are a few choices you can make in choosing the right DIY solar panel options for you

To build solar panels can be the best way with all the widely available information and complicated drawing diagrams to produce solar panels. The problem with this is that a normal person with have a battle understanding these complicated deigns.

You will have a choice of getting a complete step by step guide that’s designed to help a non-handyman to build their own solar panels with not much effort. Theses guides include step by step instructions on how to build a solar panel for less than $200. People that choose this option will have the greatest savings and satisfaction.

These guides contain a written manual and step by step video instruction holding your hand through to powering your home with solar power, it’s so easy anyone one can build it even your kids.

Well you could go and get your solar power installed by a solar installation company but this will cost you around $10 000 for the average home but this is not a practical option for most people.

You could rent solar panels and pay a monthly fee. Your power bill will be lower but you will still be paying monthly payment for the solar power so it’s not really free electricity. Like any power company if you don’t pay you get your power cut.

Buying your own premade solar panels is an option but you could be paying R1000 per a solar panel. So if you want to power your home the cheap way this is not a viable option.

My conclusion is the best DIY solar power option is to build your own using a well written guide with step by step education videos that make building solar panels simple. Building your own sun powered panels are not as hard as many people think is 5th grade kids can do it so I am sure you could.  

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