Clean Energy in California – Solar, Wind and Geothermal

When it comes to renewable energy in United States then people usually mention two states California and Texas. While Texas is undisputed king of wind power California is not only queen of solar power but also a queen of geothermal energy. California is also adding new wind power capacity, and judging by the current looks California can already start looking forward towards clean energy future.

California currently has more than 500 MW of solar power capacity, and more than 2500 MW of geothermal energy capacity. Both these numbers will likely significantly improve in years to come because of many new renewable energy projects that are in the final phase of the approval, or which building is about to start.

There’s a plenty of sunshine in California throughout the whole year, and California has certainly took the full advantage of this by currently having around two thirds of total US solar power capacity, with much more to come in the next decade.

California also has many favorable areas to harness geothermal energy such as around the famous Geysers, as well as in south central California, and geothermal power capacity will be also very likely experiencing significant growth in years ahead.

Many people do not connect California with wind power, and very small number of people actually know the fact that California is the third biggest wind-producing state in the country, with more than 2700 MW of wind power generated in the first quarter of 2010.

As you can see when it comes to clean energy things are really looking good for California.

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