Conserve Fuel Pass a 55 MPH Speed Limit on All Vehicles Over 6,000 Pounds Gross Weight

Last Fall when gasoline prices were soaring it occurred to me that since the federal government provides funding for Interstate Highways they could conserve fuel and increase safety on our roads with one simple law being passed. Make it a national law that all vehicles with the gross weight of 6,000 pounds or more travel in the right lane at 55 MPH.

There is a lot of talk from both political parties in this country concerning the issue of becoming less energy dependent on other countries. Recently there was a bill passed to increase to make vehicles more fuel efficient over the next few years. What about the existing ones currently on our highways?

One only has to travel our Interstate System to know the safety could be improved by such a law in addition to the fuel such a law would save. Can we place a cost savings on a life? Yes and no. Insurance costs would also be reduced in theory at least.

I urge those of you that feel this is a good idea to write to your representatives. Know how they vote on energy conservation and to encourage one of them to introduce or co-sponsor a bill to pass this energy saving measure.

Sometimes it is the little things we do that add up to making a big difference overall.

…and by the way the 2nd and last thing we miss about CA is going in a public place without being asked if we prefer “smoking or non-smoking.”

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