Earth4Energy eBook Review

Rising electricity costs makes everyone look for an alternative form of energy to use in their homes. Keeping this in mind, the great eBook Earth4Energy teaches you how to make and install your own solar power and wind generated system for use in your home. It's easy to follow, step-by-step instructions makes it possible for even a newbie create their own solar panels at home.

Earth4Energy teaches how to cut down on your electricity costs by using renewable energy in your home through renewable energy generating equipment like solar panels and wind turbines. Installing this equipment at home can lead to the generation of more than ¾ of your electricity consumption.

Save hundreds of dollars

Solar power and wind power systems are much better than fossil fuels as they not only meet your energy requirements, but also reduce your home's carbon dioxide emissions in the process. Most people think that solar panels don't work on a cloudy day; however on the contrary, they can generate more than a quarter of your home's electricity even in winter.

Earth4Energy teaches you how to make your own solar panels in your backyard for less than $ 100. This is much cheaper than buying retail panels. These panels power your home and save you hundreds of dollars you would have otherwise spent on your electricity bill. Moreover, by using alternative and environmentally friendly renewable energy for powering your home, you do your bit for the environment.

Different parts of the eBook

When compared to other do-it-yourself guides on alternative and renewable energy, Earth4Energy is the most complete, valuable and easy to follow guide available. The e-kit is divided into 6 easy to follow parts that anyone can understand.

  1. The first part is an introduction to solar energy that includes the basics of solar energy, and how it is generated. It also teaches about the components of solar panels and solar energy and its complete installation.
  2. The second part teaches you how to build your own panel using easy to follow, step-to-step instructions for less than $ 100. You learn how to build the casing, and how to wire all the solar cells together.
  3. The third part is a solar help package that includes 4 useful resources. There is the solar calculator that shows how many panels are required to power your home, a guide to install and mount solar panels, forms to fill to get your solar tax credits and rebates, and electricity wiring plans to safely wire your solar panels.
  4. The fourth part of Earth4Energy is a free video series with step by step instructions of the important parts in creating solar panels.
  5. The fifth part teaches you how to make a wind turbine to use as a backup for producing energy on cloudy days. You not only learn how wind energy is produced, but also what you need to build your professional wind turbine.
  6. The sixth part is a professional guide that teaches you how to build a wind turbine for under $ 150 through step-by-step plans, pictures and diagrams.

To top it all, all this is reasonably priced at $ 49.97. And in case you are not happy with the product, you just have to send an email and all your money is refunded back to you without any hassles or problems.

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