Eating Green – Choosing a Healthier Diet

Once you become aware of the impact your lifestyle has on the environment, hopefully a light bulb goes off in your head and you begin to make changes to decrease your own carbon footprint that is contributing to an unhealthy planet.

Going green means taking responsibility for the consequences of how you live. Employing energy conservation tactics is one way to make a positive difference, and the amazing part you will soon discover is how by doing so you are leading a healthier lifestyle!

Conserving Energy is Not Enough!

Once we become aware of the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, we need to look closely at our diets. In this day and age, we often go for the quick and easy, especially when we are being bombarded by marketing schemes that are not looking after our best interests, but are seeking to reach into our pockets.

Greed has become so rampant in the food industry, we are willing to accept inferior foods that do our bodies no good, in fact often cause harm, yet we continue to consume over processed, fast food garbage that depletes our energy rather than refuel us, while robbing us of the nutritional value of feeding our bodies.

No wonder there are so many health problems in our society, that obesity is becoming a common sight among our peers and children! We are filling our bodies with waste. We take better care of our cars than we do our bodies!

When we change the oil on our cars, we do not use grimy, sludge filled oil that would clog our engines. The results of doing that would be immediately obvious, our engines would not last long and our car would be dead.

Same with our bodies, it just takes a little more time to see the negative effects of the sludge we digest on a daily basis.

The solution is to get back to a more natural diet, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts, foods that contribute to a healthier body.

Perhaps one of the biggest contributors to global warming and unhealthy diets is the meat industry. While you may picture your steak as a good source of protein, think again.

In today's greed filled market, cattle farming is not what it use to be. Meat factories have for the most part replaced the farm. Animals are treated as a commodity, with little concern over their health or well being. They are pumped full of chemicals and hormones that are passed on to you in the final product. Disease is widespread, and profits have replaced humane treatment of these animals that are raised for slaughter.

Putting the inhumane aspect aside, modern meat factories also contribute on a massive scale to air and water pollution, land degradation, and climate change.

Mass production of meat is also associated with the clearing of rainforests, resource depletion, and land and economic inefficiency. All in the name of profits, while providing a less than optimal supply of meat to an unaware population.

Cutting back on your meat consumption will do you and the environment a world of good. If you must eat meat, go for the organic meat that is produced more humanely on farms, and send the meat factories a message. Perhaps if the demand for the type of meat that is mass produced by greed factories is diminished, the balance of supply can be fulfilled by farms that are not as inhumane as the factories, and less draining on the environment.

I personally took a stand over 5 years ago not to support the meat industry, and have been amazed at what that has done to my attitude towards food in general. Now I look at food as fuel, and while I was raised on the processed / junk food diet and often will be tempted to succumb to junk foods, it is much easier to look at it and say "no thanks" I can live without it !

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