Either, We'll Respect The Environment, Today, Or Face Ramifications, Later!

With all the other distractions, we are confronted with, daily, on news reports, it seems, the current administration's behavior, inaction, denying climate change, and, apparently, prioritizing the economic benefit of a few (over the longer – term necessities of the Earth), in terms of protecting our environment, proactively, has received less attention, than is needed! When the rest of the world, admits, Climate Change, is a real issue / challenge, and President Trump, proclaims, he isn't certain it exists, and states we will withdraw from the Paris Accords, what does that say, about his attitude, towards protecting our environment? For example, in an apparent attempt to, appeal to his core supporters. and political base, his administration has favored coal mining, over renewable energy, permitted waste – dumping, into rivers and streams, ignored the warnings of scientists / experts, and, therefore, threatened the existence of future generations. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few of the areas, where, we must pay more attention, and take relevant action today, or contribute, to a somewhat, bleak , environment, for future generations!

1. Clean Air: Decades ago, wiser political leaders, began to pay attention to the scientists, and environmentalists, and pay attention, to the environment. Of course, one primary concern, was the quality of our air, we breathe, which was deteriorating, on a regular basis. Ever, since, the late 1970's, when Jimmy Carter, was President, and made energy conservation and air quality, a priority, the United States instituted, auto emissions, and gas mileage standards, to ensure a cleaner future. These were supposed, to be, phased – in, but, when President Reagan, was elected, and ascended to office, he restricted the future guidelines. While Bill Clinton, eventually, reinstated them. President Trump, has, once again, attempted to eliminate them. Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is also a United Nations Special Envoy, regarding environmental protections, and climate change challenges, has donated, over $ 500 million, to study, address, and face the realities of the challenges, carbon emissions, cause and create ! These will not go away, on their own, nor will their potential ramifications, be addressed, without some true political leadership, and courage. While catering to our coal miners (which, all indications, state is a dying industry), he has withdrawn support, from enhancing and preparing, using renewable energy, and jobs – retraining!

2. Clean water: Health requires clean water, rather than making the situation worse! There is no room for procrastination, but, we need, proactive planning, and a strategic and action plan! The American public deserves, and needs, more and better testing, restricting dumping, meaningful treatment / refining, and more attention paid, to infrastructure issues!

Wake up, America, and demand, we begin to protect this planet, and our environment, before it's too late! If you don't want to suffer undesirable ramifications, it's time, to pay keen attention, now!

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