Energy Saving Bollard Lights

In our architectural landscape, bollard lighting is considered essential outdoor lighting for car parks and driveways outside hotels, pubs and various business premises. The use of these outside lights is often ideal where light is needed to outline and complement a specified area, for example pathways, steps and walkways. Bollards are a great alternative to imposing lamp post lights, and can add security and safety to the designated area. They usually emit light from the top or the sides.

Upright exterior light fittings have become increasingly popular with those involved in gardening as bollards can be placed on lawns and in planting areas to add style, character and mood lighting. A wide range of outdoor lighting is available to suit all tastes in many different designs, materials, and colours. Bollard lighting is versatile exterior lighting; many different heights of bollard are available to fit in to wherever they are needed.

Typically, outdoor lights are IP rated for exterior use. This is a rating consisting of the letters ‘IP’ and then two numbers. An IP rating is used to determine how protected a product isagainst various factors such as water, dust, intrusion of objects (including hands and fingers), and accidental contact.

It’s important to know that Bollard lighting can also be energy saving lighting. Many bollards are now available with energy efficient bulbs, CFLs, LED’s and also halogen bulbs. Where once the recommended incandescent bulb wattage would have been 60 watts for a bollard, it can now be around 20 watts for a low energy bulb, thus saving money and the environment where an energy saving option is used.

Most bollards can be installed with relative ease, although it’s mainly electricians who will wire most outdoor lights in to the mains current to be safe. A connection box is usually located on the inside top of the post with the bulb holder and impact resistant polycarbonate diffuser on the top. The lights can either be root mounted straight into the ground, or can be fixed externally into the ground at the mounting base of the bollard. Any wiring goes from the mains to inside the bollard.

Good quality bollard lights should be rust free, and it helps if they’re made of Aluminium or Stainless steel with heavy duty aluminium die-cast components.

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