Green Energy Predictions For the Next Decade – How to Keep it Green

We have a massive oil spill leaking in the Gulf of Mexico, and polluting our southern shores. We use more and more non-renewable fossil fuels to drive our cars, light our homes, fly our planes, heat and cool our homes, power our office buildings, produce and transport the goods we want to buy. We are using these fuels at an alarming rate, and eventually, we are going to have to stop. Why, because we want to? No, because eventually, these fuels are either going to run out, or become so expensive to get at that we will be forced to find other sources of fuel to perform these tasks. In the upcoming decades, we are going to have to come up with new energy sources. The prediction is that we will start using more and more renewable energy, what is known as “Green Energy.”

Green energy is the term that is commonly used when describing sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly and do not pollute when being used. Examples of green energy are wind power, solar power, geo-thermal power, hydro-electric power. These sources of energy have been labeled as green because they do not create as much pollution when used and are easier on the environment to obtain them for use.

Green energy is most commonly though of as ways to produce electricity for consumer use by using these other alternative sources of power. To harness the energy of the wind with wind turbines in large wind farms and make electricity for distribution using the grid system we currently have, of course with upgrades. To generate electricity using geo-thermal processes, to produce more electricity for consumption using hydro-electric means. All of these technologies exist today, and can be used to produce the electricity that we need and thereby reduce the amount of pollution that is presently destroying our planet.

Another type of green energy that can be used is more on the individual level. As individuals, we can make efforts to convert our homes to systems that use alternative energy sources, “green energy.” We can install solar panels to produce electricity from the sun. We can install small wind turbine electric generators to produce much if not all of the electricity that we need. As individuals, we can start the trend to switch from the non-renewable fuels to renewable energy use, and lead the way for industry.

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