Home Energy and Water Conservation – Where to Start?

Like many topics, energy and water conservation is very subjective. There is no truly best practice because:
– what is best in one set of factors may not be best in a different set of factors (e.g. electric tankless water heaters may be best where the energy is supplied by a solar PV panel but not when it comes from a coal burning power generation station), and
– each person has different beliefs and priorities (e.g. saving the planet at all costs vs saving money at all costs vs anywhere in between)
It can be very confusing reading all of the various articles in newspapers and magazines and internet blogs in order for the average Joe home owner to zero in on the energy conservation tips that are important to her or him based on their own personal beliefs and desires.
So, what are the different attributes that could be used to categorize one home energy conservation tip from another? Here are the different attributes we use to help distinguish one home energy conservation tips from another:
Energy or Clean Water Conservation Category
The type of energy reduced by the energy conservation tip or whether the clean water conservation tip related to usage within the home or outside on the household’s yard.
Installation Complexity
The level of difficulty for the average home owner to install the tip
Installation Cost
The cost to the home owner to install / adhere to the energy conservation tip
The number of times the energy conservation tip may need to be repeated
Payback Potential
The relative potential for the average home owner to save money by implementing the tip
As well, it is hard to find a simple listing of various energy conservation tips for the home which uses all of the above attributes to allow the home owner to very quickly find those which are important to her or him. Keep looking. They are out there. Don’t stop looking because of your frustration. Saving your hard earned money by taking steps to reduce the energy consumed in your house is too important to your wallet and to the planet for our future generations.
To view the over 500 home energy and water conservation tips we have collected which are grouped by all of the above categories, simply select the link below.

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