Homemade Energy Review – How to Make Your Own Homemade Renewable Energy?

Due to the rapid increase of energy and utility, there is more demand for alternate energy sources than ever. Because of my increased costs of living, I decided to go in search for a way to produce my own energy for my home, and eventually ended up using the Homemade Energy system by Bill Ford. It has taught me how to build some homemade energy devices that have reduced my electricity bills by over 60%.

1. What Are The Different Types of Energy You Can Produce With The Homemade Energy System?

Within the guide, you can choose between 2 types of energy systems, which are solar or wind based.

2. Solar Power Generating Systems

Solar power has been very reliable for me, and never fails to work on any day when there is abundant sunlight outside. This system requires you to have solar panels to convert the sunlight into an electric current, a storage of batteries to store the current, a charge controller for regulating the current plus an inverter to create the voltage to generate power.

The Homemade Energy guide contains step-by-step instructions and diagrams that show very clearly how to build this system.

3. Wind Generating Systems

This type of energy system may seem very complicated to setup for anyone with electronics and craftsmen skills, but it really is not that difficult once you understand how it works. Wind power systems are especially powerful for households who live in areas where wind current is regularly available.

4. Review of Homemade Energy Guide

This guide has provided me with a wealth of information about alternative energy systems and how to build them myself, and is highly recommended for anyone who wishes to build them too.

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