How Solar Energy is Produced

Our existence in this world is not possible without solar energy. With the position and distance of the sun from the earth, we have been gifted with the miracle of life. Our plant life uses the suns energy for the photosynthesis, which is how food is produced.

Today if we store the energy from the sun in the proper way we can produce electricity which we can use for many useful things around the home.

The sun is the center of the solar system and this renewable source of energy is available in incredibly large quantities. If we produce electricity from this amazing source of energy then we are looking at generating power free of charge. It is very possible that homes and businesses in the future will use this method entirely.

The sunlight is what creates the solar energy, experts have discovered that we receive enough light from the sun each day to create enough electricity for the entire planet for one day.

The sunlight reaches earth in the form of a white light which contains infrared radiation. The heat generated from this white light proves that sunlight has heating ability. We use this sunlight for drying our clothes and for boiling water.

Solar power is used widely all over the world, to use this energy it has to be stored to generate electricity or it can be used for heating purposes. Unfortunately because of the changes from the day into night the intensity changes. With the appropriate equipment this stored power is available for any time of the day or night and be converted into heat or electricity.

Using Solar For Heating Usually rooftops or open terraces are the best place for solar panels, where they are exposed to sunlight. Solar heaters are a great way of heating the water for the home, the sun heats the water in the geyser and there you have it, free hot water. Your only initial outlay is the solar heater and solar panel.

Using Solar For Generating Energy The most commonly used are photovoltaic solar panels, the energy from the sun is absorbed through smaller cells and stored ready for production of electricity. This method would have to be the cheapest and simplest forms of energy if you compare to other sources of energy. More and more people everyday are looking into changing over to solar. Of course there is the initial cost of getting the solar panels installed which can be quite costly. There are other options available to help you achieve this for your home or business. Make sure you take the time and research whats available, you will be amazed at the $1000’s you will save in electricity if you choose this method.

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