How to Replace T8 Or T12 Lights With New Energy Efficient T5 Lighting

T5 compact lighting has given T8 and T12 users an energy efficient option to fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights can be used in many ways and places but are most commonly found in offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail spaces. Regular fluorescent lights or T8 and T12 are now becoming obsolete. The new T5’s are 16mm wide, almost half the size of T12 lights. This makes them much thinner then regular fluorescent lights. Manufacturers created the T5 line to compete in the compact fluorescent lighting market. T5 bulbs reduce consumption of power by about 50% while still providing the same output of light as regular fluorescent lights.

Luckily manufacturers have also come up with an easy way to change out existing T8 and T12 bulbs for T5 bulbs using conversion kits. These kits allow you to use T5 bulbs in existing strip light fixtures. You can choose to remove the existing strip light fixtures and replace them with T5 specific fixtures.

How does the energy efficiency aspect breakdown? A 35 watt T5 bulb can replace a 58 watt T12 bulb and still supply the same amount of light. This is how they calculated the average 50% energy savings. A T5 light bulb usually lasts at least 15,000 hours losing only about 5% output in its life. A T8 light bulb usually lasts about 9,000 hours but it loses about 20% output in its life. T5 light bulbs will not need to be replaced as often as T8 and T12 bulbs so they will need less maintenance and save you money on that department also.

Although T5 lights cost more than T8 and T12 lights do, the conversion kits can save you about 70% of the cost of actually replacing the fixtures. The T5 conversion kits can easily be installed right along with the bulbs. Clip-on reflectors can also be used with T5 lighting to enhance the fixtures light output.

Replacing and updating your existing fixtures to T5 standards is fairly simple thanks to conversion kits. T5 kits will cost more initially but will save you money in the long run. Thanks to the manufacturers of T5 fluorescent bulbs, making the change to energy efficiency is a painless and simple move.

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