Innovative Training Needed For Green Energy Jobs

Training and experience with solar power installations will be a valuable tool to anyone seeking employment in any modern technology field related to electric power generation. American youth, the Obama Generation, sees Green Energy as the future of the country in jobs, and the reduction of carbon emissions as saving the earth.

President Obama announced last week that jobs will be created by providing stimulus money to retrofit two million homes for improved energy efficiency. Older energy consumers, homeowners, are desperately seeking alternate solutions to the rising cost of electricity. That’s why so many Americans are eager buyers of non carbon-emitting Solar Power.

While the cost of electrical power continues to increase annually, already above $0.12 per KWhr, Solar Energy, also known as Photovoltaic Power, is emerging as the favorite of all the alternate energy sources. Advances in Solar Energy technology are driving solar grid installation costs down at a time when consumers face steeper rises in electric energy costs as utility companies buy credits to offset CO2 emissions when limits are phased in.

Fantastic career openings in engineering and technology are emerging in the Solar Energy Industry. Innovative learning opportunities for training in the alternate energy field are available for men and women as young as eight years old.

Special training is needed for those working with photovoltaic systems because even at low voltages the systems are able to deliver substantial current, enough to kill a human. Solar systems often have two power supplies so special consideration must be given to live systems. Sparks given off while working with connections can ignite hydrogen gas given off by storage batteries, causing an explosion. Small shocks can cause falls and injuries. These ore only some of the reasons why special training is needed to mitigate the hazards of alternate energy installations in single family residences and commercial installations.

There is a great need for engineers, planners, contractors, electricians, electronic technicians, installers, maintenance supervisors and maintenance personnel trained in the design, assembly, installation, operation, inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The future is now.

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