Magnificent Rise of Solar Energy Across the Globe

In California large measures have been taken to increase the production of electricity with the help of solar power. Four tremendous projects are taking place since August in California, this is one of the world's biggest solar projects and the project is done using the mirrors to generate heat and around 675,000 houses can be enlightened with this project. Rhone Resch, the Solar Energy Industries Association CEO declared that, California is very anxious and shows great zeal towards the development of solar project than any other states in the United States. California has an abundance solar energy and it is the largest producer of the renewable energy, and California promised to distribute around one- third of its electricity produced from the solar energy to other parts of the United States.

The California energy commission declared that around nine solar energy projects will be completed by the end of 2010 and these power plants can generate around 4,300 megawatts of power and many solar power projects are waiting for the approval from the Government. Kimberley Delfino, the director of the Defenders of Wildlife announced that they encourage the rapid growth taking place in the California, but the novel project on solar photovoltaic and wind project will demolish the farms, affect the wild life and even lead to degradation of the soil .

Sharp Electronics Corporation is branding its presence in the United States solar market by declaring that the company has bought the Recurrent Energy Company, based in the San Francisco. Sharp Electronics Corporation told the aim of the company was to increase the solar energy power projects and to expand globally its business in the solar power field with the joined efforts of Recurrent Energy Company, which delivers magnificent solar projects for United States and other nations across the globe. The Sharp Electronics Corporation declared its mission which focused on developing the photovoltaic field; this photovoltaic field will be very helpful for expanding their business and the most outstanding project is Avenal, this aims to deliver 45 MW solar photovoltaic project and Avenal is an unprecedented largest projects for the Sharp Electronics Corporation.

The senior vice president of the Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group, Eric Hafter declared the Avenal project is one of the largest power projects and this project plays a pivotal role in the development of California and the renewable energy in California. The Avenal will provide clean power to the houses and the industries situated in the region of California and Eurus Energy America and the NRG Solar are joining hands to produce tremendous amount of clean energy.

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