Making Green Money in Ontario – How-to Create Green Renewable Energy in Ontario and Profit?

I’ll never forget that day when I was a kid, I looked at the Sun, never to realize that one day we would be business partners. One year after the Green Energy and Green Economy Act was passed and business owners are still dancing in the sun. It’s going to stimulate the economy and our skills and knowledge can be exported. I also thing that the Act is a good beginning for Ontario and will be sought after as a solid carbon footprint for the far-sighted future.

What is FIT? And why is it valuable for home/business/farm owners in Ontario?

The Feed-in Tariff [FIT] program which was implemented by the Ontario Power Authority [OPA], arrives from under the Green Energy Act. It is one of North America’s first comprehensive guaranteed pricing structures for renewable electricity production, offering guaranteed, long-term prices for energy generated from renewable sources, including wind, solar PV [photo voltaic] and water power. Ontario will be investing about $8 billion into the program and, thus far, 184 projects have been signed and confirmed.

Given that the renewable energy they will be adding to the “grid”, these will generate enough energy to power 600,000 homes.

How-To: The Sun as a business partner.

The Act has boosted the renewable energy sector in Ontario, in most cases and largely because of the requirement that forty [40%] percent of Ontario hardware must be used in the renewable energy project. The Green economy is expected to create an additional 50,000 jobs in Ontario over the next 10 years [simply put: 5000 new jobs per year]. How-to make money in Ontario? In most cases, invest in SolarPV. The idea is simple.House-holders, farmers and small business owners erect SolarPV [solar photovoltaic] panels on the roof of the building they live or work in to convert the sun’s rays to electricity. In most cases the Solar panels go on the roof, but they don’t have to. They can also be installed on the ground [given that an assessment of the area has been completed – I give free assessments, just go to my site and my team will give you a FREE site assessment with no commitment by you]. The power generated from these guys is added [or exported] to the Ontario “power grid”. According to a website I looked at recently [] the householder receives 80.2 cents for every kwh [kilo watt hour] produced (while still buying the electricity from the grid through an import meter at a rate of 0.06 cents to 0.09 cents per kwh. For more information about this article please go to

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