Renewable Energy Solutions – Renewable Power Solutions

The fuels that are the source of our energy are the non-renewable fossil fuels; they are getting depleted fast and will soon be exhausted. The world is gradually heading towards the dreaded crisis for energy. Alternative, renewable energy sources such as the solar energy, the wind energy and the hydro energy are available. These sources can keep on supplying our energy requirements with no fear of being depleted.

  • Solar energy solutions

Sun has always provided the earth with heat and light. Solar energy is the most abundantly available and free source of energy. It is inexhaustible, renewable. With the help of modern technology solar energy can be transformed into other forms of energy such as electricity.

Solar power can be used at home. This energy can be used in the form of solar cookers, solar dryers, solar heating systems, and solar lighting systems, etc. Apart from other benefits, solar cooking is considered to be very healthy. Solar electric systems contribute to healthier, greener world while also reducing your energy bills.

Solar energy systems are not only environment-friendly and cost-effective they also save you time, money and efforts since they require very little maintenance. They provide good returns on your investment; soon after installing them they provide free power to you. Many families have started using solar energy as a solution to their power problems at home.

  • Hydro energy solutions

Hydro energy (water energy) is a renewable energy. It is converted into electricity on large scale with the help of dams; a variety of electrical appliances are run using this electricity. Presently of all the electrical energy obtained from renewable sources about 90% is estimated to be from hydro power.

Some concerns are expressed that by construction of dams water-borne species of flora and fauna suffer detrimental effect.

  • Wind energy solutions

From the ancient times, since before the birth of Christ, windmills existed; they were used for towing boats and to pump water. Since industrialization windmills are used for generating electricity. Wind energy can be harnessed by using wind turbines driven by windmills to produce vast amount of electricity. By utilizing wind energy at individual houses we can reduce our dependence on conventional energy sources.

Wind energy is a very valuable renewable energy source which can provide abundant power for generations to come thus promising them a good future.

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