Renewable Energy Sources Are the Future of Mankind

The oil reservoirs under the continents are fast running out. We are now searching deep in to the ocean bed for fuel oil. Coal, natural gas resources are also almost spent. With everyday advancement of technology, you are in need of more and more power sources and the storages are running out faster. Within next 50-100 years, most of the conventional fuel sources will be totally empty. Mankind is standing on the verge of a major energy crisis. Our existence of modern technology will be under serious threat if we don’t find a solution now.

The only solution of this problem is to look for help from nature. There is an abundance of energy that is present in and around us. We have to tap in to the sources of never-ending energy and keep marching towards a brighter future. The sources we are talking about here are renewable sources like wind power, solar power, tidal power etc. These are natural power sources and they are sustainable energy sources which mean that they can be sustained for our future generation. Let us now look in to the details of some of these energy alternatives and find out whether we have the technology necessary to tap these infinite sources:

Solar energy technology has been present for more than a decade now. Solar energy is collected actively or passively. For solar energy technology development, we must put more effort in making photovoltaic cells at a much lower cost. At present, there are a very small percentage of people in the world who use solar power for their daily power usage.

Wind energy technology has been more productive in that regard. Every year, the power production using wind energy technology is increasing at a healthy rate of 30%. Wind energy is mainly collected by wind turbines to produce electricity. From older days people use wind power to run wind mills for mechanical power. The future of wind power technology looks very bright.

Hydropower has been used for many years now. But, the tidal energy in waves can produce much more power in much less time. Tidal power can be captured by specially designed turbines deployed on the sea-surface.

There are many other renewable energy sources from which we can get clean energy like biomass, geothermal energy etc. The technologies required to use these energy sources have not yet developed to the desired level. We must act more purposefully to address this energy crisis and make use of the infinite energy that nature has to offer.

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