Solar Energy Photovoltaic Windows Are Almost Ready For Market Distribution

You read correctly photovoltaic windows, is this a crazy idea or sheer genius?

It is a magnificent progress, and a tribute to the inventions that we are capable of. You might never have heard of it but photovoltaic windows are capable of letting the light in and at the same time produce solar energy.

In fact this photovoltaic system is inserted somewhat like in a double pane window.

And it gets better still, this window is intelligent and can adjust automatically according to the seasons, and the orientation of the sun. The glass is adaptable to the inclination of the sun, which will prevent overheating in the summer and will maximize the sun rays in the winter.

This innovative solar energy producing system originates from Japan, it was the product of a company called Nihon Tele Communication Systems and was reserved for residential usage.

The only flaw was the cost. It was very expensive to produce, about one and a half time the price of regular windows, without producing a return on investment sufficient to encourage home owners to consider it. These solar panels, had an efficiency of about 7 to 8% with an absorbency of 90% of solar light and 99% of UV rays at a cost varying from about 1000 to 2000 dollars a square yard.

But the idea attracted the eye of other companies in the solar energy industry, and recently RSI Solar, announced that a similar, but more efficient, product would soon be released. The American company is expecting to launch what will be the first semi-transparent photovoltaic window in the world.

This window will be able to produce up to 250 watts of electricity!

It will be made of tempered glass into which a fine insulated layer of photovoltaic cells will be integrated. These windows could then be used on any type of buildings, including commercial buildings and would provide savings of up to 50% of the current cost of heating and cooling a building.

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