The Benefits of Home Made Renewable Energy

Not long ago, the concept of home made renewable energy was confined to science fiction books and movies. Solar and wind power were still quite new then that the only ones who can afford them were the government and NASA. Recent advances in technology have changed this and virtually everyone can now have their own home made renewable energy.

One great example of home made renewable energy is solar electricity. Solar electricity is collected directly from the rays of the sun by solar panels. Sunlight itself is converted into electricity and then stored in batteries. A home with lots of appliances can be powered by just collecting 6 to 7 hours’ worth of sunlight. However, if the sunlight hits the panels directly, storing electricity may take lesser time.

Solar power is cleaner than fossil fuel. Many people would prefer solar power rather than a nuclear plant because it is much safer. On top of that, you can also make money by selling the excess electricity you will generate. You can sell the excess electric current to utility companies, if you want. But the electric current generated by the solar power system will actually depend on the amount of sunlight so it would be best that you position the panel in an area that will actually see the sun.

The first thing that you will notice once you convert your consumption from fossil-fuel based electricity to renewable sources of energy is the difference from your old electric bill to just $200. All the electricity you need for just a few dollars – that is quite a bargain. It is not a guarantee that you will see sunlight all year long so it would be a wise decision if you remain connected to the grid or make a wind power generator as backup power. However, you can always store power inside your batteries and all you need to do is refill them.

There are some people who still think that renewable sources of energy are difficult and costly to build. The best way to convince these people is to show them how it is done. Through your example, they will be able to see the benefits of home made renewable energy. It is also the right time for everyone to be concerned about the environment. Human activity is adversely affecting our environment. Take, for example, global warming. The primary cause of global warming is the rising amount of gases in the atmosphere. The bulk of these gases come from burning fossil fuel and electric plants are one of the primary contributors. It is high time that we take care of our planet.

Sunlight is one of those things wherein you can feel how right the whole situation is. There are so many things you can benefit from just by using home made renewable energy.

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