The Cheapest and Safest Renewable Energy Solutions

Right now, the world is going through one of the biggest economical crises that can be remembered… at the same time, the world is also going towards a very severe energy crisis. The reason for this energy crisis is that the traditional non-renewable sources of energy, such as crude oil, coal, gas, etc, are about to be finished.

Non renewable energy solutions are those that can keep providing us with a stream of energy without exhausting the resources where that energy comes from.

There are three main types of renewable energy solutions: hydro energy solutions, solar energy solutions, and wind energy solutions.

-Hydro Energy Solutions: Water can be converted into electrical energy. Electricity from water is produced on a very large scale, on dams especially designed and built to generate electricity by tapping the water power. It is estimated that today, 90% of the electricity obtained from renewable resources is created by hydro power plants.

-Solar Energy Solutions: The most abundant energy in the planet earth is the energy that comes from the sun. At home, we can use solar power solutions in order to make use of this free and abundante resource. This option, will cut down your electricity bill, and you will also be contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Today, the advanced solar energy systems are cost-effective as well as totally environment-friendly. The maintenance cost of the solar systems is ridiculously low, and these systems will give you a return of your initial investment in a very short period of time (three or four years), so after the cost of the solar systems paid, the electricity you will be generating at home will be absolutely free.

-Wind Energy Solutions: Windmills have existed even before Christ, but only in the last decades have been used to generate power and electricity. They can also be called wind turbines, wind generators or simply the traditional name of windmills.

Wind energy can generate enormous amounts of megawatts of electricity. If the wind power system is used at individual homes, it can be very helpful in order to reduce and eliminate the cost of conventional power sources, such as the electricity provided by private companies or corporations.

The combination of solar power systems and wind power systems is the best alternative in order to “live off the grid” and eliminate the recurring monthly electricity bill.

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