The Save-Energy Home of the Future

Nowadays we hear about energy efficiency and save energy products. Day up to day more and more products come to the market and they are advertising as green products. The developers of products saying that these products are going to save the purchasers money and save energy at the same time. These products are changing our world. They affect to our home. At this way a new kind of energy efficient houses present.

A house is changing every day to be energy efficient. It is obvious every day as we watch new models of energy efficient bulbs, energy efficient appliances, heater systems. I am going to take a brief look of a future energy efficient house and discover some of these parts.

A house from twenty first century will include some default energy improvements.

One of these improvements is the solar panels. Photovoltaic system usually is installed on the roof of a house. This system can reduce energy. Specially when a house has a big peace of land around and the owner uses an area of this peace of land to install solar panels he energy can be reduced to zero. The cost of a photovoltaic system is still very high. Although today anybody could easily establish some solar panels and there are books with simple completed tips for doing that.

Another improvement is the geothermal heat pumps. This system uses the temperature of the ground to fill the inside area of the house with heat in autumn. This can be done moving the underground water with pipe systems to the houses heat bodies. A wind turbine is another system tend to reduce the electric bills using electricity which is produced from the wind. These are only a small number of improvements are going to take place. Day up to day more improvements appear to change the twenty first century energy efficient home.

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