They Cost More So Why Buy Energy Saving Light Bulbs?

Energy saving light bulbs have been available now for a number of years, but, whilst more and more people are investing in them, there are still many who are concerned about the cost and dubious about their energy saving claims. But Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) can indeed save significant quantities of energy and don’t actually need to break the bank, so here is some information to throw some light on the situation!

On the energy saving front, CFLs, or energy saving light bulbs, use much less energy than their standard counterparts, up to 80% less in fact. They work in a similar way to traditional fluorescent lights but require a much lower wattage to achieve the same level of brightness as ‘normal’ bulbs. Straight away this indicates that savings can be made, and as lighting accounts for about 10-15% of domestic electricity bills, these savings will not be inconsiderable. And modern CFLs don’t suffer from the same issues of older varieties, which could take a short while to reach full illumination. On top of this energy saving light bulbs can also last up to 12 times longer than traditional bulbs, saving even more money.

The cost of energy saving light bulbs has often been a cause for concern. Prices have come down, however, and some varieties of CFLs are now available at less than £1 each from certain retailers. When this is then considered against the energy savings and the fact that the bulbs will need replacing much less often than standard bulbs, the savings far outweigh any extra costs.

Due to their longer lifespan, energy saving bulbs also have the advantage of reducing waste, as it is estimated that 80 million traditional fluorescent tubes alone are sent to landfill each year. Unfortunately there are few light bulb recycling schemes in the UK so waste reduction is critical.

Energy savings, which in turn mean a reduction in carbon emissions, cost savings and waste reduction add up to plenty of compelling reasons to choose energy saving light bulbs. These are now available in many varieties including dimmer bulbs so should meet the requirements of most if not all domestic lighting needs.

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