Tips for Energy-Saving Window Coverings This Winter

If you are looking to save energy and money this winter, look no further than installing window coverings throughout your home. The choice you make in your window treatments will greatly affect your ability to save energy. Although any window covering is better than none, there is a clear choice when you want the best for reducing heat loss and improving your energy bills.

Consider the Options

There are dozens of window treatment options available on the market, but if you want to save energy, your options are limited. The best energy-saving window coverings cover the whole window with minimal gaps, so you are typically limited to either layers of heavy curtains or interior shutters. Of these two options, indoor plantation shutters are the superior energy choice thanks to their customizable fit and the ability to shut their louvers tightly.

Learn How to Use Them

To maximize your heating bill savings, plantation shutter experts recommend that you open the louvers on west-facing windows between noon and mid-afternoon to allow the heat of the sunlight into your home. West-facing windows receive the hottest light, so these are the best ones to open to add heat to your home. Other louvers throughout the house can be opened partway during the day to let in natural light, but all of them should be closed tightly as the natural light wanes to maximize the shutter’s ability to insulate your home.

Customize for Best Results

When you choose to purchase plantation style shutters for your home, you will find that there are both prefabricated and custom options available. The prefabricated shutters are typically slightly less expensive than customized ones, but it’s rare for them to fit your windows accurately. Instead, make an investment in custom-fit window shutters. These coverings will offer you the best energy return for your investment because they will not have any gaps between the shutters and your window frame to can let hot air escape. In addition to the energy savings they offer, customized plantation shutters are also more attractive than prefabricated ones and will age well with your house.

Consider Professional Measuring and Installation

Although you can measure and install your customized plantation window coverings yourself, it may be worthwhile to hire a professional contractor to measure and install them. Professional contractors know how to perfectly measure the dimensions of each window to ensure that you get the best fit, and they are able to quickly and safely install each shutter to the fabricator’s specifications.

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