Using Green Energy – Top Ten Reasons to Use More Green Energy

What is Green Energy? Green energy is energy that is produced so that it has less of a negative impact on our environment than other energy sources that we use such as the fossil fuels of coal and oil. Greener types of energy that are used are solar, wind, hydro-electric, and geo-thermal. Here are the top ten reasons to convert to “greener” energy.

  1. Stop strip mining for coal. Strip mining for coal is an environmental travesty. Entire tops of mountains and surrounding countryside are left standing bare and naked because of strip mining.
  2. Stop drilling for oil. If we we using more green energy we wouldn’t have to drill for so much more, and all the danger that entails like exploding oil rigs and oil wells that leak millions of barrels of fuel oil into our oceans.
  3. Stop spilling the oil. All the oil that is spilled in drilling and transportation is tremendously damaging to our oceans and shorelines. Also, oil spills kill numerous seabirds and other sea-life.
  4. Stop buying oil from countries who hate us but like our money. This is geo-politics 101.
  5. Stop burning coal to make electricity which causes severe air pollution
  6. stop burning oil products (gasoline, jet fuel, diesel oil) for transportation purposes which creates poor air quality.
  7. Using free wind power to create electricity is cheaper.
  8. Using free sun power (solar energy) to create electricity is cheaper.
  9. Using free hydro-electric and geo-thermal power to create electricity is cheaper.
  10. Not using our limited planetary resources for transportation and lighting and heating is just better!

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