What Is a Green Lantern?

I've decided to create this article because basically I'll be writing a lot of stuff about Green Lantern, the Corps and anything that is related to it. So before writing more about this subject matter, I would like to give my own definition or description about it base on what I know so far.

So what is a Green Lantern? Any comic book reader would perhaps know the answer to this question. Green Lantern is a comic book character, currently under DC Comics, which first saw publication as early as the 1940s. It is a superhero that is identified by the use of a powerful ring that generates green light and energy that he (or she) uses to combat evil. Throughout time, in comic book history, the superhero name has been shared by many characters (humans and non-humans) and has expanded out into animated series and movie.

As stated earlier, the comic book character started during the 1940s. Alan Scott was comics first Green Lantern and was known as one of the Golden Age superheroes. Later in the 1960s, the name is revived in the person of Hal Jordan , a test pilot, who was entrusted with a power ring and a power battery by a dying alien Abin Sur. Soon, others followed bearing the superhero name with the likes of John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the latest so far is Kyle Rayner. But Green Lanterns are not limited to humans. Some notable (which in whole comprises the Green Lantern Corps) were drill sergeant Kilowog and the Guardians' most loyal corpsman Sala'ak.

They are known by the use of their power rings, known to be the most powerful weapon in the DC universe. They use their power rings to generate green energy powered by the wielder's will power. The power ring enables its wielder or bearer the ability to make temporary constructs out of Green energy. It also enables them flight as well as the ability to fly and breathe in outer space. A power ring ring also has its own artificial intelligence which enables it to make conversation response to its wielder. Before, a power ring's energy lasts only 24 hours. Later developments however indicates that it's energy lasts accordingly on the use of its wielder. A power ring can be recharged by tapping it to a power battery which then taps energy from a central power battery. While charging, a Green Lantern recites an oath . Also, previous accounts showed that a power ring has a weakness on anything yellow, but it can now be overcome if it's wielder is able to overcome fear.

They are space cops which patrols the positive matter universe. The universe is divided into 3600 sectors with two Green Lanterns assigned to each sector. Earth is included in Sector 2814. There are also Honor Guards that is not limited to any particular sector and Alpha Lanterns that serve as Corps within the Corps.

They were created by the immortal Guardians of the Universe, the oldest known being of the universe. They took it on their own to create a group of fearless sentient beings from across the universe to safeguard peace. The Guardians take refuge on a planet known as Oa which is also the base of operations of the Corps and also where the central power battery is located. Oa is located in the center of the universe identified to be as Sector O.

Green Lanterns of Earth are known as known as superheroes affiliated to superhero teams such as the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America. Among them coming from Earth, the most famous perhaps is Hal Jordan. Hal Jordan is a founding member of the Justice League and has fought alongside great superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Hal Jordan also formed great friendships with Barry Allen (the Flash) and Oliver Queen (the Green Arrow).

After Hal Jordan, three other individuals were chosen to wield green power rings for being fearless. Guy Gardner was also considered to be a replacement to the dying Abin Sur, but Hal was chosen otherwise for being closer in proximity to Abin's crash site. Guy was then placed as a reserved for Hal Jordan. John Stewart served as a replacement for Hal Jordan when Hal decided to live a normal life. Kyle Rayner, a free-lance artist, for a time served as the only Green Lantern for the entire universe when the Corps was destroyed by Parallax. Currently all four individuals serves as Green Lanterns with Hal and John as Green Lanterns for sector 2814 and Guy and Kyle promoted to Honor Guards status.

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