Why Do Power Companies Not Like Solar Power?

Actually, power companies don't so much dislike solar power as such. They just don't want people who own houses to set up their own solar panels.

The reasons are simple yet selfish

The more people that set up solar panels on their roof tops, the less power the companies can sell to them.

So while you hear about how power companies are doing a lot to save the environment by producing cleaner energy or encouraging power saving by you using less electricity, bear in mind these very same companies almost exclusively use coal, petroleum and an abundance of other dirty means to produce their profits.

Not that you can blame the power companies, it is their job to make money, not to save the world.

So, why is it that you also want to save money and save the world that you allow profit driven power companies to take your money when you don't have to?

Do not be fooled into thinking solar panels are expensive to make and install and that there is some mystical knowledge required to make your own.

In fact, making solar panels is something almost anyone can make.

The materials you need can be bought from your local hardware store.

And the tools you need are already in most home handyman toolboxes.

What may also surprise you is that all you really need is clear instructions. If you have that, you can make solar panels.

And with solar panels, if you make enough of them, you can keep you money, do your part in saving the planet and send a clear message to the energy makers of the world that dirty energy is no longer acceptable.

To achieve the above, your first step is to find clear instructions. They are out there if you look hard enough.

To get you started though, take a look at this URL below.

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