Wind Energy As a Renewable Energy Source in Our Homes

Probably just like everyone else, you are worried about the ever increasing price of electricity all over the world. Especially as the cost of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, oil etc.) goes up, this affects all the industrial sectors including the electricity and the power generation sector. Especially with the price of the oil barrel near $200, cost of electricity is higher than ever. Moreover, environmental problems such as global warming cause us to think more and more about renewable sources of energy to save our world.

Hence, with these developments in mind, wind becomes a serious alternative as a renewable energy source. First of all, it is totally “environment friendly” as natural wind is used to generate electricity. In addition, recent statistics show us that wind energy is becoming cheaper and cheaper every day with the various technological developments taking place. In the global scale, wind energy is growing faster than any other renewable energy potential. Just in 2007, more than 74,000 Megawatts of electric energy was produced by wind power installations in the world. Out of this 74,000 Megawatts, 12,000 Megawatts of electric energy was produced by the US alone. Hence with the so called wind farms (installations in which numerous wind mills are places together to harness the power of the wind and also to create electricity on a massive scale) are growing more and more in number every year.

Thus, it is also becoming more commonplace to use wind energy as a source of power in homes and other domestic use. The most common use is by installing a single wind turbine generator to power the water systems and to power the communication systems etc. in your home. However, if the geographical location of your house is suitable, then you may want to think about using numerous wind generators as a source of main power in your home. If by any chance you produce more power, you can sell this surplus electricity to your local power company. Thus using wind energy at your home is a win-win situation for every one.

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