Wind Energy Companies – Today’s Top Renewable Energy Employers

Renewable energy in the United States has been growing at record rates. With the wind industry leading the way, the next decade looks to see yet another massive increase in the total capacity of wind turbines installed nationwide. As a result, wind energy companies are likely to continue dominating the renewable energy industry and many now find themselves asking, “Which wind companies are best positioned to create high paying jobs during this decade of fantastic growth?” To answer this question, the following report will detail the top 4 wind energy companies with respect to their market share, projected growth, and available employment opportunities. Please continue reading to learn more.

Vestas – Installing over 39,000 wind turbines in 63 countries on 5 separate continents, Vestas is the worldwide leader in the wind industry with a market share totaling 28%. With reach like this, it is easy to see how Vestas has integrated into nearly every aspect of the sector while continuing to increase its range of products and services. In fact, competitors are now struggling to catch up with Vestas overall domination in both research and development within the industry. As a result, many wind energy companies have tried to emulate Vestas who sets the standards for manufacturing, constructing, and servicing wind turbines. Further, Vestas’ expansion into the U.S. and Asian markets is a clear goal going into the next decade with top management recognizing the incredible growth rate of wind energy development in these regions. Employment opportunities are also expected to be high in the categories of operations and maintenance with well paying job opportunities for those who have trained to become a Wind Technician.

GE Energy – Leading the U.S. wind energy market, General Electric is known nationwide for their commitment to deliver custom engineered solutions which are scientifically designed to meet clients’ needs. Maintaining a strong record of providing quality components and top notch customer service, G.E. Energy is sure to increase its overall wind energy services as the industry continues to grow in both the U.S. and abroad. When considering G.E.’s status relative to wind energy companies overall, one can rest assured that they are well positioned for future growth with current projections forecasting an ever expanding workforce in all sectors with regard to wind technology. Currently, the company records that it has installed over 13,500 wind turbines worldwide.

Seimens – Siemens Wind Power is a rapidly growing company with more than 5000 employees worldwide. Although Seimens first began as a family business with modest aspirations, they are now active in countries including Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Having developed into an international powerhouse, Seimens is currently able to report over 7000 wind turbine installations at both onshore and offshore sites. When considering this volume it can be easy to see how they have been able to log thousands of hours of wind turbine experience over the past 30 years. To this day Seimens holds their employees and service professionals to high standards which can explain why they are known for being exceptionally service oriented. Careers at Seimens Wind Power are expected to grow at the mean rate in comparison to other international wind energy companies.

Suzlon – As an advancing and youthful company, Suzlon reports having installed over 1,400 Megawatts in North America alone. Employing close to 650 individuals, Suzlon has expanded into market arenas that include; wind turbine construction, sales, operations, and maintenance. With such a wide array of support services it is easy to see that Suzlon intends to become a major industry player with the goal of being able to provide any and all wind industry services that are currently available. Despite the fact that they incorporated as recently as 2004, Suzlon has been able to attract an experienced workforce which is able to meet customers’ needs. Career opportunities at Suzlon are expected to increase over the coming years, especially in the occupation that is known as the Wind Technician.

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