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Scientifically speaking there is no connectivity between problem acne and diet. Many doctors and experts clearly said that diet has nothing to do with problem acne. American Medical association clearly cited in their journal that diet plays no role in treating acne. Surprisingly the whole scenario is going in the other way and many diets are challenging the expert’s statement and proving diet part in the treatment of acne. For this, firsthand information play vital role in confirming these kinds of issues. Many people who experienced acne clearly indicated that certain food intake made their acne symptoms worse. These experiences opened wide vistas towards finding right suitable diet for the people who are suffering from acne.

Right diet for acne proved as great help in stopping the symptoms as well as in reducing the inflammation. This is the reason people started to ignore the expert’s decision about the diet part in treating acne. The fight between the drugs and diet in gaining the leadership in treating acne is not yet confirmed, but in the market we can see wide range of acne diet products. Let us see in detail about the diet and its beneficial effects over acne.

In the year 1969-71 “Acne symptoms treatment strategy,” is a research firm established exclusively for acne related problems. This confirmed and announced a statement mentioning that diet got nothing to do with the treatment of acne. But, later no other research firm did in-depth studies further on this subject. Down the line some experts condemned this statement and raised doubts on the statement. Many experts and acne victims clearly indicated the diet interference with problem. In fact, the daily intake which spreads all over the body will definitely show some impact over existing ailments. As the way diet brings the changes to the shape of body, it also can affect on acne too. Diet always considered major change bringing aspect to the body. This change includes skin too. This is the reason few of the people considers diet also as major factor in treating acne related problems.

Some recent studies confirmed that sugar consumption has caused aggravation of acne. This is a surprising result to the people who are supporting diet for acne. In everyone sugar consumption increases the blood sugar levels instantly. To bring back these levels under control we will administer insulin. This insulin generally encourages the growth of male hormones. This increased hormone levels will overwhelms the internal system and liver. Here, another important action takes place that is, increases male hormone levels also releases well volumes of sebum oil. This will result into acne. Experts say similarly the consumed diet got many things to do over the existing acne.

Acne is definitely a complex situation due to lot many underlying reasons. Neutralizing this complex acne should be considered holistically. Like as said before sugar levels controlling insulin causes acne in one form, similarly the diet definitely got to do a lot with acne. This consideration will definitely take the acne treatment towards best results.

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