Acne: Make War Against Buttons!

The acne in adolescence is known by 80% of young people aged 11 to 20. However, why do they suffer without action although there are some solutions existing.

What could be more commonplace than pimples in adolescence? At issue: the hormonal changes of puberty strongly stimulate the secretion of sebum. This overproduction of clogged pores (or hair follicles) causes the growth of bacteria and inflammation of the skin.

Do not fiddle your buttons

Result: an explosive cocktail can cause blackheads, red buttons white tip, sometimes cysts under the skin on the forehead, the nose, chin, neck and back. This is a hormonal phenomenon that causes the acne. It is vital not to eat certain foods as alleged.

The first reflex to adopt: Do not touch your pimples. If you try to break them, you may extend the inflammation and infection. Do not touch either your blackheads (comedones).

Clean your skin daily

The teenager with acne must have extra care for her skin. She must also use non-aggressive specific dermo-cosmetic products.

The right moves

· Clean your skin with a dermatological bread surgras without soap or a gel.

· Dry your skin with a towel.

· Apply with a soft cotton soothing lotion.

· Finally, apply a non-oily moisturizer to prevent formation of blackheads. A complete on some areas (chin, nostrils, forehead) with a cream regulating sebum secretion.

· Once a week, make a mask or a gentle scrub to cleanse your skin thoroughly and release possible impurities.

What you should not do

Do not dry and do not attack your skin with alcohol or sulfur solutions.

Do not use greasy cream to moisturize your skin.

Do not clean your skin with regular soap. This transitional drying will further enhance the secretion of sebum.

Do not expose your face to the sun

The sun has a capacity of anti-inflammatory, so pimples seem to disappear in the sun. But the sun is also a false friend: the rebound effect a month later is often catastrophic.

Indeed, initially, the sun dries pimples that become less visible. But in parallel, it thickens the skin. The buttons are deep-rooted and resurface a month later, even more, in response to hormonal stimulation.

Therefore, in the presence of acne, it is best to use a non-greasy sunblock. Beware; some acne treatments are incompatible with sunbathing. Consult your pharmacist.

Consult a dermatologist if acne is severe

If acne is severe and troublesome from an aesthetic point of view, it may be desirable to consult a dermatologist.

If blackheads are very numerous, the practitioner may prescribe retinoids derived from vitamin A. If the skin looks inflamed and infected, he will prefer prescribing antibiotics or cream containing benzoyl peroxide.

Finally, in the case of highly resistant acne, it can appeal to isotretinoin, but beware of its use requiring the prescription of birth control pills to avoid pregnancy and malformations in the fetus.

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