Does Tea Tree Oil Work for Acne?

Although I'm only one individual, I wanted to do a 30-day case study to see how my skin would react to 100% tea tree oil. After starting the study, I found that I was getting poor results with a 100% solution, and switched over to a 5% solution, where 95% of the solution was water.

Study # 1. Undiluted Tea Tree Oil.

From study # 1, I received horrible results. I broke out in cystic acne, and had irritation and dryness! These side effects are often associated with benzoyl peroxide, and assuming the later, I wanted to dilute the tea tree oil to see if these side effects would no longer occur.

Remember, throughout this entire study, I'm moisturizing, and following all proper recommendations to ensure that this is a controlled study. I determined that an undiluted solution is extremely ineffective for treating acne, and will actually cause more problems than if you were to simply use nothing at all.

Study # 2. 5% Tea Tree Oil.

I did read that you can dilute tea tree oil in a carrier oil, but to make the study more conclusive, I wanted to use water. Water is less of a variable, because we know that water is okay to put on your skin.

In the second study, I found that 5% tea tree oil caused absolutely no side effects. The solution was diluted, and therefore, it didn't have as strong as a smell, nor did it burn my skin, or cause any other negative side effects.

Did my skin clear up?

Unfortunately, no. As I continued the study of the 5% solution, I continued to breakout.

Final Thoughts.

I have come to the simple conclusion that tea tree oil is not an effective acne treatment, used in any concentration. Although I will receive much criticism from my study, know that this is only one study, and your results may vary.

What works for me or doesn't work for me may or may not work for you. This is the world of acne, where there are many solutions that can allow us to achieve our desired results.

You're here because you're struggling with acne, and I've been there. With 8 years of clear skin, aside from when I'm doing these studies, it's my goal to help everyone that I can get rid of their acne.

Understand that my study is ultimately here to do just that: Share my review with you, and whether or not I believe something is effective. From my study, I can conclusively say to avoid tea tree oil.

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