Homeopathic Treatments For Acne Cases

Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that considers the whole body. A homeopathy practitioner looks not only at the skin on the outside of the body when he begins to treat acne, but rather at the entire body both inside and out, including the mind and the emotions of the patient.

Homeopathy or holistic practitioners consider acne to be a side effect or symptom of a deeper issue. The external skin problem is treated usually with natural remedies rather than prescription medications, but the holistic practitioner digs deeper to find out what the real problem is that is causing the acne eruptions on the skin.

The idea behind homeopathy medicine is to stimulate the body's own natural defenses to promote natural healing. To stimulate the body's natural defenses, holistic practitioners usually first use natural herbs to clean the blood and the intestines.

Homeopathy practitioners almost always direct their acne patients to drink at least 10 glasses of pure water (no additives) each day. They also recommend a diet of natural food that contains no preservatives of any kind. The diet usually recommended for acne patients is one that is high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods and low in meats and other food products that come from animals.

There is no "magic" associated with holistic medicine. The practice is actually based on very sound and accepted medical principles. The difference between the way that a holistic practitioner and a medical practitioner approach treating acne is that the medical doctor will prescribe synthetic drugs to use externally, while the holistic practitioner will rely on natural herbal treatments that are to be used both externally and internally.

The holistic practitioner will also be concerned with the acne patient's emotions and upheavals in their personal lives as well as stress caused by their jobs or daily lives. He may well recommend changes in lifestyle as part of the acne treatment that he provides.

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