How To Dominate Acne Using Honey

Acne is a problem that many people struggle with each and every day. Sometimes you try the face washes at the store and see no results. You try another and another until frustration takes over. What about natural cures for acne? If you have acne, you've probably heard the rumors that honey can fight acne causing bacteria in your skin which can lead to clear skin. Now, don't run out and buy a massive jar of regular honey from the grocery store and start the facial cleansing yet. There are some important things you need to know about honey and how it can be used to help cure those nasty pimples.

First and foremost, please don't use a processed honey. This will be a complete mess both literally and metaphorically on your face. When you buy the regular processed honey at the store, it has been treated in such a way that has killed most of the beneficial ingredients for your face. For example, one step in processing is heating the honey excessively to kill any potential bacteria. That heating also happens to kill the antibacterial aspects of the honey providing no benefit to you. So what should you use instead?

There are a few good options, but the basic necessity is use raw, organic, unprocessed honey. The most widely recognized type of organic honey for acne is manuka honey. It has an incredible composition making it ideal for fighting those infections on your face. Manuka honey can be used as a cleanser or a face mask. The first reason it is effective is the thickness and roughness of the texture. If you choose the cleanser method, it acts similar to an expensive exfoliating cream while the natural stickiness also pulls out deep dirt from pores. It will be a completely new experience, but your skin will feel fresh after your cleansing.

Honey can also be used as a facial mask. Many types of masks exist depending on your type of face. You could simply use the raw honey as a mask and the natural antioxidants to revitalize the face and remove dead skin cells. You could also mix the honey with other ingredients to create a custom face mask. Aloe vera is a great ingredient to mix for those with sensitive skin. Aloe vera is fantastic at reducing redness and inflammation while helping sensitive skin feel smooth. Another great ingredient to mix is ​​cinnamon. Cinnamon is even more powerful at eliminating bacteria on your face and when you mix it with honey you have a powerful mask. Just remember that you will likely need to moisturize after any mask because you will pull a lot of healthy oil out of your face. Those healthy oils need to be replaced in a healthy way.

Please be award that honey is a common allergen. If you are allergic to honey in any way, please do not attempt to put it on your face. Test the organic version on a small spot inside your elbow to see how your body reacts first. If you feel comfortable after that, then massage it on your face in one small spot to test. You never know what reactions could occur so it is always better to be safe.

Honey can be an important tool in your arsenal against acne. However, it does carry some risk depending on your skin type. If you are still struggling with solutions to those pimples, give it a try and see if this has been the missing piece of your puzzle.

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