Tamanu Oil for Effect Acne Treatment

Do you see that tiny little pimple on your face, and keep on prodding it till it bursts and soon dries into a scab? Teens or adults, we just can't resist breaking a pimple, even though we know it could turn ugly. So, if there's a simple and cost-effective treatment for acnes that gives you almost immediate results, wouldn't you want to give it a shot?

Heard of tamanu oil? It's extracted from the nut kernels from a tropical flowering tree of the same name. This tree is indigenous to the islands in the pacific belt, especially places like Tahiti, Vanuatu and Melanesia. The oil is thick and dark green in color with a rich nutty odor.

Composition :

This natural oil is rich in a variety of oleic and linoleic acids. It also has 4-phenylcoumarins, which is believed to be an anti-cancer agent. The other components of this oil include calophyllolide, which helps reduce inflammation and callophyllic acid that helps accelerate acne cure. Tamanu also has an antibiotic called lactone.

Benefits :

The benefits of using tanamu oil are numerous.

• Promotes and regenerates tissues quick wound health and skin growth

• Offers natural UV protection for the skin

• Relieves sunburn and inflammation effects

• Has anti-aging and anti-neuralgic properties

• Nourishes epidermal cells of the skin to reduce wrinkles

• Has anti-septic, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant properties

• Can be used to treat scrapes, cuts, diaper rashes, sun burns, scars and acnes

• Also effective for treatment of scabies, psoriasis, athlete's foot, sore throat

Tamanu Oil Reviews

There have been pretty good reviews about this natural oil on many online shopping sites. Users have commented on how the oil has effectively decreased acnes. They list the pros of this oil as gentle, cost effective and soothing.

On Amazon, it has received an average rating of about 4+. The most helpful favorable review on Amazon about tamanu oil goes this way "I don't use daily, but use on cuts, bites and burns. I put on at night and in morning, all better! I do put on a surgical scar that is 2 years old, and seems to be helping with that too. "

Tamanu oil was also spoken about in one of Dr Mehmet Oz shows. Supermodel Carol spoke about the beneficial effects of this natural oil.

How to Use

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used straight on the face. As it is a little astringent, it could cause drying for those who have dry skin, so it would be a good idea to mix it with other oils before using it. You can mix it with apricot oil, carrot seed oil, jojoba oil or any other natural oil of your choice. Just take a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage it all over your face. In case, you're using it to treat acnes and scars, gently apply the oil over the affected area.

Last Word

Tamanu oil has proved to offer effective treatment for a number of skin problems. As it is natural, it is also relatively safe to use when compared to harsh chemicals. Go green and enjoy healthy skin with Tamanu oil.

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