Treating Acne At Home

If you are suffering from acne, you will want to read this article. In this article, you will learn some of the most effective ways and treatments to treat your skin from the comfort of your home. Make sure you use the tips that you are about to learn so that you can also achieve a clear skin without a trace of acne.

1. Dealing With Toxin

Toxins can pose a huge problem to your skin. Toxic buildup inside your body can cause your immune system to deteriorate and hormone levels to increase drastically. As a result of your body not being able to effectively clear the toxins, acne shows up on your skin. One of the most important steps to achieve a clear skin is detoxifying your body.

The easiest way to do so is by eating more fruits and vegetables. These foods contain high amounts of fibers that can help promote good detoxification and prevent constipation. Other than that, make sure you drink at least 10 glasses of pure water everyday. Water helps the body swiftly expel the toxins.

2. Dealing With Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone levels can go up as a result of several factors. These factors include stress, poor diet, and unhealthy lifestyle as well as toxic buildup, as mentioned above. Increased hormone levels can trigger your sebaceous glands to produce a higher amount of facial oil. This excess of facial oil will then lead to clogged pores and ultimately acne. To balance your body's hormone levels, you should reduce your daily stress level.

Other than that, you can also eat a more healthy and balanced diet. Zinc and vitamin A can help a lot here. Improving your liver's functionality can also help to deal with excessive hormones since the liver will be able to filter and dispose the excessive hormones from the body.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective topical treatment for acne. I highly recommend using tea tree oil to treat your skin. Tea tree oil contains great antibacterial properties that will help eliminate the bacteria which cause the formation of acne underneath your skin. It is safe and natural. Unlike most products you get in the marketplace, tea tree oil also does not pose any risks to its users. Most products can cause extreme dryness and irritation if used over a longer period of time. Tea tree oil effectively kills the bacteria and gives you great skin without acne.

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