10 Compelling Answers – What Can Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Do For Me?

People you know are telling you about how acupuncture helped them, and you’re curious about it, but how can it help you? Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help most medical problems you may have. In fact, they offer treatments for just about any issue you wouldn’t take to an emergency room.

Here are at least ten things that acupuncture and TCM can do that most people can benefit from, although please bear in mind that they can be effective in treating far more issues than are mentioned here:

1) Help You Chill Out

If you have a high stress lifestyle and its effects are starting to show up in your health, acupuncture treatments are a highly effective way to relax you, or mellow you out. Regular acupuncture treatments can even help you to manage your stress when done on an ongoing basis.

2) Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

For many people getting a good night’s sleep is the exception rather than the rule. Regardless of the cause, acupuncture can help with insomnia and even sleep apnea to promote more restful sleep which will help to revitalize your body.

3) Heal from an injury

Whether you’ve got a broken bone, a torn cartilage, another traumatic injury, a repetitive strain injury, or have recently had surgery, acupuncture can dramatically promote the healing process. With an acute injury it is best to have regular treatments several times a week soon after the injury to jumpstart your healing .

4) Diminish your pain

Whether you suffer with headaches, back pain, arthritis or any other kind of pain. Acupuncture is highly effective in diminishing pain.

5) Rebalance your Hormones

Whether you struggle with cramps, PMS or issues relating to menopause, Traditional Chinese Medicine has effective treatments which can rebalance your hormones so that you experience less discomfort and achieve long term results.

6) Help You Get Pregnant if You’ve Struggled with Infertility

If you’re interested in trying in vitro fertilization (IVF ), consider having Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments to prepare your body for success with IVF. Many women report that they were able to get pregnant before resorting to IVF with the aid of acupuncture treatments and other recommendations from their acupuncturist, saving themselves plenty of money in the process.

7) Help you get over your cold or flu

Because Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a more precise diagnosis for colds and flus than Western Medicine, the treatments both acupuncture and herbal are also more specific to your exact “flavor” of cold or flu. With a more precise treatment you can often recover faster and feel stronger sooner than people who are using Western Medicine.

8) Strengthen Your Immune System

If you’re feeling run down, fatigued, out of gas, or having trouble healing, acupuncture can help to improve your energy and strengthen your immune system. Acupuncture treatments are great for revitalizing all the systems in your body. For people undergoing chemotherapy, acupuncture treatments are helpful in mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and depleted immune strength.

9) Improve Your Appearance

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or take some years of wear off your face, acupuncture can help you improve your appearance. Weight loss treatments are done as a series in conjunction with improved diet and exercise. Facial acupuncture is also done as a series and is effective at reducing fine lines, age spots as well as other skin issues.

10) Reset your body (your mind, and your spirit too)

Every now and again most of us feel as though we need to “push the reset button” and rebalance our bodies. Whether your blood sugar or blood pressure is higher than it should be, or you’re feeling like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, or you can’t quite recover from an illness, treat yourself to a body, mind and spirit “reset” with an acupuncture treatment.

It’s clear that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can do more than just mitigate pain. Now that you are aware of more issues that they can address, you can most likely see how they can be beneficial for issues you are dealing with; whether used alone or in conjunction with Western Medicine treatments.

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