About Acupuncture: The History

Acupuncture is a medical practice that has very old origins. Knowing about acupuncture and the history behind it is incredibly beneficial. There are many people who choose to have acupuncture performed on them. Struggling with any form of illness can be crippling, and conventional medicine may not always be the answer. This is why people are seeking out other forms of medicine, including acupuncture.

Learning about acupuncture could provide you with the information that you need in order to try out this medicinal practice. Acupuncture can be dated back over a hundred years and it has its origins in China. The first document that described the use of acupuncture was in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine which can be dated back to 100 BC. The idea behind acupuncture is that your body is made up of channels that the Qi (vital energy or life force) travel and that certain acupunctural points, when accessed, can change the Qi. Subsequently, being able to change this Qi can provide you with the healing power that you need in order to fix the problem. This problem can be as small as a crick in the neck or full blown arthritis.

China was the first country to use acupuncture as a stable way in which to treat illnesses. It took a while for the idea of acupuncture to be accepted by other countries, especially in the western regions. Since being introduced to the many different countries, it has been adjusted and researched more so as to find better ways to use it. The idea of sticking needles into pressure points on the body seemed bizarre to most people at first. It also seemed extremely far-fetched to believe that such a form of medicine actually worked. After more research was conducted to find out the truth behind Qi, it was discovered that there was a more scientific reason why acupuncture made such a difference to one’s health. The needles that were inserted into the pressure point areas subsequently stimulated the nerve endings. Once the nerve endings were stimulated, they were able to alter brain function and, more importantly, they were able to alter the area of the brain that controls pain. With this new knowledge on hand, acupuncture became more respected as a medicinal practice. In fact, nowadays, some countries are even offering acupuncture as a recognised course at colleges and universities, thus making it possible for students to learn about a more natural form of medicine.

It is often necessary to go back to the roots of medicine. Conventional medicine is still a necessity in many situations. However, it does not mean that more holistic approaches should not be considered – especially if you want to heal the soul, body and mind. Choosing a more natural route to heal ailments is, once again, becoming popular. Acupuncture is only one of the accepted holistic treatments available.

Chose the right holistic practice for your lifestyle

Choosing a holistic practice that can fit into your lifestyle can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, you want to make sure that you opt for one that works for you.

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