Acupuncture Chinese Moxibustion – The Chinese Way to Health

Chinese acupuncture moxibustion technique is an ancient Chinese way to good health. It has a long history and has been used by the Chinese for a very long time.

Not many people are aware of this. Generally, many thought that acupuncture involves only the needles. However, there is another part to Chinese acupuncture, and that is the use of fire. The use of needle and fire helps make acupuncture a more potent force against illnesses.

As you may have guessed, acupuncture Chinese moxibustion has to do with curing illnesses with fire. And it pretty much refers to the Jiu in Zhen Jiu (the Chinese name for acupuncture).

Two extremely famous legends about acupuncture are Huang Di invention of Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion and FuXi creation of the illness curing stone needles. Of course, there are also other lesser known legends.

If you were like me, you may find it hard to believe that the acupuncture Chinese moxibustion method was in a way founded by a housewife. As she was cooking, she found her aches not being as painful as before. The heat from the stove had somehow relief her of her pain. Since this Eolithic age, this method has evolved and herbs with medical properties were added to smoke the body back to normal health.

In moxibustion, the common methods used are moxa cone and cupping. The basic idea is the usage of a glass jar to cover a body part and to allow it to suck the body by putting fire in the jar.

The intricacy of heating the jar is really due to the fire heating up the air. This action forces the air out of the jar. This results in a suction vortex much like a vacuum cleaner which has the jar sticking onto the body. Blood circulation improves and the internal organs of the patient also enjoy a nice massage. The moxa cone also has the same impact.

Do note that the placement of the jar for acupuncture Chinese moxibustion is important. It must target the relevant acupuncture points or meridians of the body so that the targeted illness can be cured.

To enhance the effectiveness of moxibustion, ginger, mashed garlic or even certain herbs are used during treatments. Generally, the treatment of the cupping of the jar over the body will last between fifteen to twenty minutes. In addition, it is important that the treatment be made over a certain time period so that the effect can be felt.

The acupuncture Chinese moxibustion methodologies have improved tremendously over the centuries. It is not uncommon to see new equipment usage that include electronic needle moxibustion, acupoint injection, microwave needle moxibustion and acupoint magnetotherapy, and many others.

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