Acupuncture Weight Loss Situation

The secret to weight loss, is just eating as much as our body needs. Any excess calorie intake, leads to weight gain. Almost any diet will work if the calorie intake is lower, and if the calorie intake remains to be lower. That is if the calorie intake is kept at the lower intake levels.

Human weight is directly proportional to the amount of calorie intake on a daily basis. The rising problem of obesity has been passed down to us by our hunter-gatherer forefathers, when there was not even a mention of a drive-through at every corner of the street. Excess eating on this date, is triggered, by our modern lifestyles, excessive stress and chronic disorders.

Modern weight loss techniques

People now days can go to enormous levels of diet to get their weight reduced. This is followed by a fad diet, with unnatural and highly restrictive diet plans. A low-calorie diet works only in the short term, as evidently your body is supposed to rebel against all the restrictions and ultimately end up gorging more than ever.

Yo-yo dieting and drastic ups and downs can have disastrous effects in the diet plans. End of the day your body will start craving for whole grains and whole foods, to gorge and fill up, for the gap created in the process.

Any improper diet practice may result in organ damage, malnutrition, slow metabolic rate and within the body imbalances.

The end objective of any human being should be to decrease the amount of food that we take in, in the process trying to increase the amount of energy we expend. Acupuncture makes all of this possible, thanks to ancient Chinese medicinal practices.

The comprehensive therapy to weight issues rooted in ancient Chinese medicine would be better digestion, smoother emotions, appetite reduction, metabolism rate increase as well as elimination of food cravings.

What research states

Research has use of acupuncture and Asian medicine to weight loss:

ü A 2003 study revealed that people who preferred acupuncture lost three times more weight than that of the control group. This was published in The Journal of Medical Acupuncture.

ü Another study was conducted, in 1998 by the University Of Adelaide, Australia, where 95% of the people were to receive electro-stimulations on acupuncture points which reportedly resulted in appetite suppression. The resultant factors revealed that these people experienced a far reduced appetite and weight loss as experienced by the control group.

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