Allergies and Asthma – What Is the Difference Between Organic and Natural Foods?

Organic vs Natural is one of the most confusing topics on the market. If we look at this from another point, we can call it “Truth in Labeling”. Natural is a Marketing technique to miss-lead the Consumer. Individuals with Asthma and Allergies must understand the difference. Organic means it is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). These foods are produced under a strict set of rules and guidelines. They are produced with no pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or other drugs such as hormones.

Natural does not mean it is regulated like organic foods. They are poorly regulated and there are a lot of labels in the Supermarket with the term “Natural” on it. An example would be: Ice Cream, it can contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil, soya lecithin and cocoa processed with alkali. All of these so-called “Natural Products” have these ingredients that are not found in Mother Nature. The following is an example of one of the so called healthy products.

According to Wiki-Answers: Hydrogenation is the process of heating an oil and passing hydrogen bubbles through it. The fatty acids in the oil then acquire some of the hydrogen, which makes it more dense. If you fully hydrogenate, you create a solid (a fat) out of the oil. But if you stop part way, you a semi-solid partially hydrogenated oil that has a consistency like butter, only it’s a lot cheaper. Now that your know the truth, its time to stop eating these phony foods that contain this. The food was made using basic chemistry rules.

In conclusion, it is important to understand the difference between Organic and Natural Foods. Why you ask? You will be an informed Consumer and not pay extra for so-called “Natural Foods” that can contain products not found in Mother Nature’s way of making food. Organic Foods are regulated and real foods. “Natural Foods are not regulated and are not completely real foods such as Hydrogenated Soybean Oil. People with Asthma and Allergies need to know this so as not to have and allergic reaction to one of these so-called “Natural Foods”.

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