Peanut Allergies? Try Nut Free Chocolate Bars

Peanut allergies are becoming more common, and there are many people who are also allergic to other types of nuts as well. If you have been diagnosed with a nut allergy, then you might feel limited about the types of food that you can eat. But don’t worry, because there are many manufacturers that produce nut-free products for you to enjoy.

Avoiding All Types of Nuts

If you have a nut allergy, then it is very important that you avoid any foods that contain nuts or foods that have been cross contaminated with nuts. People with severe nut allergies can’t risk their food coming in contact with any type of nuts, which means that they need to look for foods that were manufactured in an environment free of nuts.

Even if there aren’t any nuts listed on the ingredient list, it is possible that the food was contaminated because it was manufactured on the same equipment that made another type of food with nuts. So, you should look for packaging that specifically says “nut-free” in order to be sure it is safe to eat. Many of these brands will include a note on the back of the package that says “Made in a nut free facility.”

Moderate or Severe Nut Allergies

People who have moderate or severe nut allergies need to be careful about their exposure to nuts, because contact with nuts can cause some people to break out in a serious rash or even stop breathing. If you are gifting chocolate to someone with a nut allergy, then you need to be very cautious about buying a brand that is safe for that person to eat.

Make sure that you check with your family and friends about potential food allergies, so that you can accommodate their food requirements if you are giving them a gift or making a meal for them. It is important to be aware of the food allergies for people who are close to you, to avoid giving them food that could potentially set off their allergies.

Nut Free Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is naturally free of nuts, but there are many brands that add nuts to some of their chocolate varieties. If you are planning to eat chocolate, then read the label to ensure that you are buying nut free chocolate bars that don’t have the risk of cross contamination.

There are several brands to choose from that produce allergy free chocolates, to give you the peace of mind to know that you can eat the chocolate without any negative health effects.

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