What Causes Allergies and The Main Symptoms of Allergies

Our immune system works hard, everyday to stop us from becoming ill and being attacked by toxins, bacteria and other nasty things. So why do we get so many symptoms of allergies?

It's funny really, because it is our immune system attacking these allergens, which get into our bodies', that is behind what causes allergies. It's not these things bringing us out in rashes, but our own bodies, that make ourselves come out in a rash, make us have difficulty breathing, cause us to tingle all over, or make our eyes water up our eyes and bodies become itchy.

Even some food stuffs cannot bode well with the interior of our bodies, just like rubbing up against a certain type of plant will make your skin irritable; plants ingested into the body will act in the same way. Remember though, it's not the plants what cause allergies – it's our bodies.

Allergies can suddenly develop overnight and they might be so mild that you never know that have them, or so severe that it could kill you (this is very rare). You are more likely to have more serious reactions to allergies if the are inherited, or you have a hypersensitive immune system. There is no scientific knowledge as to what causes allergies in different people.

One of the most talked about allergies at the moment seems to be the nut allergy. There is hardly a packet of anything edible that does not have written on it 'may contain nuts'. Even an extract or a piece of nut dust can cause symptoms of allergies, which can be so severe that people can die from it.

What about hay fever? Now there is an allergy that is becoming more pronounced, in this day and age. People who have never felt the annoying symptoms, which are caused by pollen floating around in the air are suddenly sneezing, blowing their noses and trying not to look like they are crying (which they are not), but pollen has been here since the dawn of time. It wouldn't be a surprise to know dinosaurs even got hay fever. After all we are all allergic to something; it just depends to what degree.

What causes allergies can have such a violent reaction with our immune system attacking it, that people can die. Thankfully, this does not happen that often, but some people know that their reaction is so bad that they have to carry an EpiPen with them at all times, so they can give themselves a jab of epinephrine to counteract the allergy. This does not always work unfortunately, or it may only work for a short time, but usually it does stop the allergy from causing serious damage and an ambulance should always be called, just in case.

An anaphylactic shock is the harshest of symptoms of allergies. This can come from almost anything like some types of foods, bee stings, medication or even animal fur. The thing is with an anaphylactic shock is that there is not a lot anyone can do about it, they can give you water and keep your airways free from obstruction, but mainly it is a waiting game. Waiting for your body to finish attacking whatever it is that trying to harm you. The best thing to do when someone has an anaphylactic shock is call an ambulance, as they will have the right equipment to monitor and help a person suffering from an anaphylactic shock.

Some of the symptoms to look out for, when some is having an anaphylactic shock or even just an allergic reaction are, prickly heat, itchiness, watering eyes, swelling and a rash. The best and only thing you should do is call an ambulance and talk to them, tell them what is happening. Most allergic reactions are not this severe, but now you know the symptoms of allergies to look out for.

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