What is Peanut Allergy?

Did you know that peanuts and tree nuts are the main source for having severe or anaphylactic allergic reactions? This is caused by too much ingestion of peanuts causing anyone to be affected with peanut allergy. Health circles believed that in 1999, researchers performed a study about peanut allergy as well as tree allergy in the United States. They found out that almost 1.1% of American population are affected with peanut and tree allergy. They also found out that a person who is experiencing an allergic reaction is positive in consuming it for almost an hour and the signs of illness are hives, wheezing, vomiting or diarrhea, throat tightness and angiodema.

This study clearly means that since 1999 the United States is already affected with peanut and tree nut allergy since then in certain portion of it. It's quite interesting that most of the affected are adults found "positive for peanut allergy" compare to children. This is really unusual because most of the children are always affected with allergies. But, the interesting fact about it that people affected with this allergy are not dealing with it seriously. Can you imagine since 1999 not even 50% of these affected people do not consult a doctor about their conditions? This is absolutely true.

Probably, one of the most unbelievable news of the study that about 7% of the peanut allergy patients have a prepared injectable epinaprhine kit which is necessary in case an anaphylactic reaction occur anytime. Maybe this study can make people realized on how important to give importance about the crucial factors of having peanut and tree nut allergy. There are also proposals in banning peanuts on planes and also schools are planning to transform into "peanut-free zones". These are very important proposals because peanuts are also carrier of allergens that can also caused food allergy aside from peanut allergy.

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