Arthritis Side Effects

Although medication's main goal is to treat this condition, they may also bring arthritis side effects along the way. These can be considered serious and in this light, there are some things to consider when side effects are discussed:

1. When rheumatoid arthritis is left untreated, it will eventually cause disability, pain, and dysfunction. On the other hand, when it is treated, a person's function capability is often maintained and controlled.

2. Unlike the effects brought by non-treatment of this condition, side effects of treatments are not as serious or risky. When left untreated, disability and deformity may be the end result.

3. Most of arthritis' side effects are detected at an early period or stage and will disappear when the treatments have stopped. The chances of having permanent damage done and serious side effects during treatments are low.

Treatment medications for rheumatoid arthritis have some sort of side effects; some with severe side effects as a potential. One may experience being nauseated, a higher risk of acquiring an infection, to ailments such as liver damage and anemia.

Health professionals should be able to know those people who are more likely to get a severe destruction of the joint and deformity, from their having rheumatoid arthritis. They would then be able to recommend the best treatments possible for them. This is the goal, but a concrete projection or move towards this has not been done yet. Nowadays, the medications used for treatment can actually decrease the damage done to a person's joint- if done early. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that progresses and the deformities of the joints cannot be reversed. Due to this, a lot of doctors have concluded that it would be best to prescribe or recommend aggressive treatment, at an early period of the disease. Thorough follow ups should also take place and if any arthritis side effects are noticed, patients should inform their doctors right away; it is much better to catch the disease earlier than to cause permanent damage.

It is an unknown fact that many of the treatments for rheumatoid arthritis lose effectiveness within a certain period of time. A percentage of people who have the disease will not have the same types of medications if they're into the disease for 5 years or so. The loss of medication effectiveness has continued to be known, but remains to be unclear. There have been theories that the main cause is the desensitizing of a person's immune system – over a course of time. Lucky for everyone, advancements in medication and treatment of this disease continue to occur. Initial drugs are stopped when arthritis side effects are noticed and when they seem to have lost their effectiveness.

Although there are risks related to medication or medical therapy, everyone should keep in mind, that these risks are way higher when no medication is taken at all. As mentioned, this disease is progressive and will cause the destruction, as well as the deformity of joints. When this happens, there is no going back. A person who has this disease must seek treatment and get medication as early as possible. This is to avoid serious damage and its progression.

It is much better for a person to take the risk of having arthritis side effects, than to risk having the worst scenario, without any medication. You should remember that a close contact with your doctor during the duration of treatments – is necessary and very important. If you do this, any potential toxicity due to the medications may be detected early and thus, they can be treated early on as well.

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