Helping a Dog With Arthritis Live Comfortably

Arthritis in dogs typically becomes a problem as they age or after an injury of some sort. The painful condition can make your pet's daily life miserable. There are a few things that owners can do to help a dog with arthritis live a bit more comfortably.

If your dog's symptoms are due to obesity, then providing a proper diet will go a long way towards dog arthritis pain relief. The joints have to bear extra strain if your dog is overweight, which will only help make the condition even more painful. Make sure that your dog doesn't overeat, and ensure that the food is high-quality.

It's also important to ensure that your dog with arthritis gets a proper amount of exercise. Those with a milder condition will obviously be able to get more than those with a more severe case. If the condition is too painful, then consider letting your dog go swimming or some other non-weight bearing exercise.

Comfortable bedding will also help in the effort for dog arthritis pain relief. The bedding should provide plenty of padding to give your canine some great rest at night You could even consider providing him with a heated bed. Make sure that his resting spot is away from drafty locations.

Dogs with arthritis don't especially appreciate having to navigate slippery surfaces. Ideally, you'll have non-skip flooring wherever your dog tends to travel. If you can, you could also consider putting a ramp on the steps outside your home since it'll make it easier for your dog to get inside.

Owners can also use massage techniques to provide dog arthritis pain relief. This helps reduce joint and muscle stiffness. Massaging your dog will also help increase blood circulation. You can ask your veterinarian to show you a few techniques to use on your dog.

Supplements have also been beneficial in some cases, which is something you may also want to discuss with the vet. These supplements are aimed at increasing the health of the cartilage and joints. Two of the most common types include glucosamine and chondroitin.

Just like with people, increased age commonly brings about conditions such as arthritis in dogs. You can provide your dog with a better quality of life in various ways. If the pain is exacerbated by weight, then proper diet and exercise will definitely help. Make sure that you talk to your veterinarian about all of your other options too.

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