How To Protect Your Skin During Psoriatic Arthritis?

With psoriatic arthritis, your skin needs an extra protection. The condition affects people in different ways and affects the skin differently. Lifestyle changes will greatly favor your skin. Some unhealthy habits can worsen the skin situation. In addition to the prescribed medications, your doctor will also guide you through habits than can worsen the skin symptoms.

You can improve the skin symptoms at home by doing the following:

1. Take plenty of water

Plenty of water helps your skin to be in good condition by hydrating from inside. Psoriatic arthritis make the skin to have high tendency of dryness. This can lead to itching and flaking. Water will serve to keep your skin moisturized. You can monitor whether you are dehydrated by observing the tone of your urine. The yellow tone suggests that you have not taken enough water. Make it at least eight glasses each day.

2. Avoid any trauma on the skin

The trauma on the skin can be from sharp objects, burns and even insect bites. It can worsen the psoriasis symptoms on the skin. You should always consider putting on the protective clothing when performing tasks. At the kitchen, your gloves should be on. Avoid walking barefoot as this could result in injuries from stepping on sharp objects. Mosquito bites can cause irritation on the skin, avoid them by being in the house when they are active mostly at dusk. You can also manage the insects by wearing some medicated repellant.

3. Manage stress

Stress is not good for your general health. With psoriasis, stress can complicate the situation. Find time to do what you like. Join fun groups, do it with friends and take some time off to relax. Yoga is a great exercise involving both your mind and the physical to get you relaxed. Ensure you get enough sleep. Staying up late can bring in stress.

4. Phototherapy

This is good at managing the skin overgrowth. It uses the UV light from the sun. You can try it at home by scheduling for some time under the sun. You can start with at least 4 minutes as you increase the time each day. Remember to wear your sunscreen, it should be of SPF at least 30 to curb the harmful rays that can cause cancer and sunburns.

5. Use your moisturizer

Apparently with the itchiness, scaling and dryness, moisturizing is the best thing that can be done to the skin. Moisturizing your skin adds an extra protective layer. The moisturizer will soothe your skin relieving dryness and itching. Your moisturizer should be free of any fragrance.

6. Take your prescribed topical medications

Apart from your daily medications your physician will prescribe some other treatments which you can get at your nearest chemist. It can be an extract of coal, tar. Tar is good at enhancing your skin complexion. Tar also works to ensure that you skin cells do not overgrow and acts to ease inflammations.

You can also get recommendation for shampoo which is medicated. They contain antifungal and steroid for easing the psoriatic arthritis of the scalp. The doctor might also prescribe hydrocortisone contained in an ointment to manage skin lesions and ease the itching.

7. Treat your skin with salt shower

Salt water has been used over the years as a remedy for skin lesions. You should try it also. This will involve adding your table salt or Dead Sea salt to your tub. The tub should have lukewarm water. You can then enjoy the bath by soaking yourself for 20 minutes.

8. Be gentle on the skin

This applies when taking a shower. Ensure to avoid long and hot showers. It can strip your skin of its essential oils which are highly needed resulting to dryness. Avoid liquid and harsh soaps they have high tendency of drying the skin. Switch to lukewarm and short showers with a mild soap. After shower gently pat your towel to slightly dry the skin then apply your moisturizer immediately.

9. Make some lifestyle changes

Some unhealthy habits may worsen the skin symptoms. You should resort to make some healthy changes for the good of your health. This includes taking a healthy diet. Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins can greatly help in improving your skin condition. This is not only directly, but they can also avoid excessive weight gain which could worsen the situation. Do more of exercises that will greatly improve your condition and also help you maintain an ideal weight. Try to limit or do away with the smoking and alcohol, this can be detrimental for your situation.


Do not deny yourself of a healthy skin, make some efforts to protect it for a brilliant smooth complexion. Irrespective of whether you have psoriatic arthritis or not, you can still have your skin at its best.

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